My First Ever Wedding Cake

first wedding cake

After I quit my nursing job and decided to pursue my passion in baking and cake decorating, I still had that feeling of unpreparedness, incompetence and lack of experience. I had no formal training. I only learned how to bake and decorate thru my mom, my grandmother, and my aunts.

But how I will I learn if I will not try? So, when my husband referred me to a friend to do a wedding cake, boy! was I scared. It is a wedding and it should be memorable, in a good way. Weeks before the event, I began planning and started gathering the decors, tools and supplies. The color motif was fuchsia pink.

I kept on calling my mother from Leyte and asked for advice, tips and a zillion other things just to keep me calm and focused. I even convinced her to come and help me. Unfortunately, she can’t because she also had a birthday cake to make. Maybe a week before the day, I had sleepless nights. And then, two days before the wedding day, I woke up at 4 o’ clock in the morning. I called my mom and she asked what made me wake up so early. I told her that I was so scared and many other things. To my surprise, she cancelled her orders, booked the first boat trip to Cebu and came to my rescue. Whew! What a relief.

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