Pocahontas Irie’s Christening

While attending Pocahontas Irie’s baptism celebration, I had the privilege of making sunflower cupcakes topped with Christening themed toppers that represents the outdoor life that her mother and I share so dearly and of course, to match the occasion.

The celebration took place at “The Ranch Resort” in Toledo City, Cebu and it was a 2-hour drive away from our home. Making these cupcakes was so challenging since it was the first time that I really had to make sure that the yellow icings were evenly placed on each cupcakes.The christening themed toppers (baby with pacifier, boots, bear, crib, feeding bottle, and rattle) were perfectly placed on each sides of the cupcakes in order to add more beauty.


The celebration lasted for 2 days and I had a blast spending my time with friends and a place that I have never been to. 🙂

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