White on Wedding Cakes

white wedding cake
Simplicity and elegance may not go well together but I learned to appreciate these two words when I was asked to make a cake for a wedding of my brother’s fiancée’s sister.
Inspired by a photo from a Wilton Wedding Cakes book, we deiced to go with the cake design and the overall display. I made the white gum paste petunia flowers – about 200 pieces of both large and medium ones. I also made about 100 pieces of white gum paste leaves. I shopped around town for the Wilton Roman Column Cake Stand. Good thing, there was one available from Baking Depot. However, they do not have the separator plates.

I searched online and found one from Gourdo’s in Robinson’s Manila. And I was even luckier because my Auntie Y’s office is also located in the same mall.
After baking, filling, icing and decorating the cakes (and also 100 pieces of cake pops for their dessert table), I still have to wait for the LBC courier to deliver the package from Auntie Y which I will be using for the display of the cakes. Just right on time, the package arrived and we then made our way to Radisson Blu where the wedding reception was held.

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